With great power comes great responsibility — Uncle Ben once said

Toys bowing to each other

I remember that day when I gave my two weeks’ notice to my manager at Macy’s Tech in San Francisco. A few minutes later, the director in our department called me to schedule a one-on-one.

“Why do you want to leave?” he asked. “Is it because of the money?”


2. Obsession with best practices will slow you down

Female holding a light

Every side project comes with an idea. For instance, I came up with creating a Medium publication index to search for publications. Therefore, I want to do this side project.

An interesting fact about ideas and thoughts is that they come and go. According to studies, we have 6,200 thoughts…

Engineers who love to ask ‘why.’

Most engineers are taught how to build things. We learn all the engineer skillsets, understand various tradeoffs in system design, and implement the most efficient algorithm. At a lot of the companies, engineers come during product implementation. Engineers will discuss how to minimize these engineers’ efforts in building this product…

Decrease the Side Effects in your System

With each network API call looking more like functions, we often didn’t notice how hard it was to create an atomic operation in a distributed environment. For instance, writing to an SQS queue in AWS can be as simple as importing the SQS Client and calling sendMessage. These network calls…

A brief introduction about Dynosaur

If you are working with DynamoDB with Scala, chances are you will spend at least one-day implementing transformation on DynamoDB attribute value to a Scala model. Creating a function that transforms Java HashMap to Scala is not the problem — the problem is transforming the domain model to attribute value.

You have to ensure that the codebase grow in the right direction

Here’s what product or business units didn’t get when we explained to them about technical debt: if the piece of software works already, why do we need to even “touch” them?

The best way to explain this is to talk in realistic terms — “if we don’t do this now…

Flexibility is king

The primary goal of a microservice architecture is to deploy independent services so that product can create multiple fast iterations at different times. Thus, each team can deploy services separately without needing to coordinate with other teams.

With microservice architecture, service and service communicate through network calls, and both services…

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